Applied for NBA Accreditation
Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering

To impart quality technical education in the department of Electronics and Telecommunication for creating competent and ethically strong professionals with capabilities of accepting new challenges.
  • To establish and create student centered and unique learning environment.
  • To provide education which encourages creativity and ethical values for promoting activities addressing the needs of the society.
  • To train the graduates for design and development in the field of Electronics & Telecommunication and apply technology to meet the global challenges.
  • To prepare learner with strong foundation in mathematical scientific and engineering fundamentals that will enable them to have successful career in core electronics and telecommunication industries.
  • Learners will have the ability to engage in sustained learning through graduate work and professional improvement opportunities to actively participate in exhibiting global competitiveness.
  • To introduce learners to the ethics and codes of professional conduct ,help them embrace environmental and ethical issues in their work to fulfill their professional responsibilities towards society.
  • To prepare students to be employable for successful careers , pursue higher studies in order to contribute towards the industry and encourage entrepreneurship.

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