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Shivajirao S. Jondhale College Of Engineering
Applied for NBA Accreditation
IT Engineering

To impart quality technical education in the department of Information Technology for creating competent and ethically strong professionals with capabilities of accepting new challenges.
  • To provide learners with the technical knowledge to build a lifelong career in Information Technology Domain.
  • To develop ability among the learners to analyze, design, implement engineering problems and real world applications by providing novel Information Technology solution.
  • To promote close interaction among industry, faculty and learners to enrich the learning process and enhance career opportunities for learners.
A graduate of the department of information technology will be able to
  • Prepare learners with a sound foundation in the basis of engineering fundamentals.
  • Encourage learner to the best practices and implement technologies to enhance information security and availability.
  • Illustrate the leadership, business communication skills, teamwork and adaptability to achieve goals.
  • Apply information technology to excel in profession and carrier as an entrepreneur.

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