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Shivajirao S. Jondhale College Of Engineering
Applied for NBA Accreditation
Mechanical Engineering


To impart quality Technical education for creating competent and ethically strong professionals in Mechanical Engineering Department, with capabilities of accepting new challenges.
  • Our effort to provide conductive environment for learning and exploring full potential of student in the field of Mechanical Engineering.
  • To mould budding Mechanical Engineers by exposing them to current areas in Design, manufacturing, energy, thermal science and related interdisciplinary areas.
  • To enhance their skills to make them globally and ethically competent professionals.

  • To prepare the learner for successful carrier in areas associated with design, analysis, manufacturing, testing, maintenance, sales, planning & implementation of mechanical systems.

  • To prepare a learner to use modern tool effictively in order to solve real life problems in mechanical engineering.

  • To Prepare a learner with capacity of building their own career upon a solid foundation of knowledge.

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