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Principal's Foreword

Name : Dr. J. W. Bakal

Qualification :

M. Tech., Ph. D (Computer Engg.)

Description :

We the faculty, staff and students of the Shivajirao S. Jondhale College of Engineering aim to become a leading Engineering College for HIGH QUALITY EDUCATION AND REASEARCH in Engineering. The infrastructure with the state of art library, communication skill lab, computing facilities, laboratories, campus amenities and team of competent faculty are ready to contribute to the suitable environment for development of the YOUNG BRAIN INTO BRIGHT PROFESSIONALS. The teaching and learning process at Shivajiro S. Jondhale College of Engineering is designed to produce right combination of skill, knowledge and attitude, while the emphasis is to be placed on understanding of Basic concepts and fundamentals in each course, the student will also be encouraged to think across different subjects in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary term through problem based learning, group projects and hobby club activities. Institutions campus provides a unique environment to the students that promote culture, art, sports and human values. Various student societies will provide a platform for several competitive extracurricular activities promoting individual and teamwork skill. We sincerely believe in developing the required capability, quality and competence in our students that will make them to create value of their organization, society, nation and entire mankind through green and sustainable ways of development. Thanks to the extraordinary leadership of incumbent President and his closely guarded virtues of practicing angel from social angel. As the Principal of this outstanding Institution, it is my pleasure and honour to invite you to be a part of mission, vision and contribute to the development of this region and our great nation with devotion, dedication and discipline. Wishing students bright future.

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