Dr. Shivajirao S. Jondhle

I, as an Agriculturist and Industrialist urge to develop excellent educational facility in the region around Kalyan, by establishing a group of quality institutions in this area. The general location and the ambiance of the surrounding of the site are conducive to excellent academic pursuits. I recognize that education is an instrument to enhance the capabilities of a human being to become a knowledgeable, creative and good citizen. I have kept a very clean vision in developing institutions for promoting techno-economic and knowledge base society. To achieve this, I have appointed very experienced and dedicated faculty. I have provided excellent infrastructural facilities, well-equipped laboratories, and a very rich library. I want to create an academic environment in which students can learn and develop their knowledge-based personalities. I am eager for the collaboration of these institutions with other academic institutes of higher standards, with Foreign Universities and other R & D Organizations to achieve academic excellence. I recognize further that faculty and students are the backbones of the system and therefore, I have provided the state of art facilities to achieve a world-class education. I believe, creating academic culture, effective resource management and multi-institutional integration in research will principally accelerate standard of technical education. I have used this thought process in the overall development of institutions under my trust. Quality being a bigger challenge before the technical education system, I consistently motivate and provide advanced training programs to my faculty and students by adopting an excellent teaching-learning process.

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