Vision & Mission


To impart quality technical education for creating competent and ethically strong professional in the Chemical Engineering Department with capabilities of accepting new challenges.


1. Our efforts are dedicated to developing high-quality technical manpower through interactive communication, short-term training programme, seminars, and group – discussions.

2. Our strength is to provide rigorous classroom instructions and laboratory experiments using modern equipment and computer-based broad insight to develop core competencies.

3. Our endeavor is to impart in-depth knowledge by initiating a collaborative real-life industrial project with nearby industries which will, in turn, increase the capabilities to meet global challenges.

Programme Educational Objectives


Our graduates will be able to excel their career as chemical engineers or researchers in both traditional and emerging fields of Chemical Engineering such as environmental, material, food, pharmaceutical and energy applications.


Secure professional leadership roles in industry as a potential process supervisor and troubleshooter having the highest level of technical competence and creativity.


Face current technical challenges in the society by maintaining a professional and ethical attitude towards the society and also considering impacts on safety, health, and environment.


Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining Photograph
Prof. Dr. Uttara Gogate HOD & Associate Professor Ph.D. 02-08-2000
Prof. Dr. Savita Sangam Associate Professor & HOD IT Ph.D. 01-06-1997
Prof. Dr. Saroja T.V. Dean Academics & Associate Professor Ph.D. 16-12-1995, 2016
Prof. Dr. Renuka Deshpande HOD AIML & Associate Professor Ph.D. 18-09-2001
Prof. Dr. Tripathi K.K. Assistant Professor Ph.D (Registered,2015) 07-01-1999
Prof. Pallavi Chandratre Assistant Professor M.E. 20-07-2006
Prof. Diksha Bhave Assistant Professor M.E. 20-07-2006
Prof. Reena Deshmukh Assistant Professor M.E. 24-08-2006
Prof. Deveshree Wankhede Assistant Professor M.E. 19-02-2008


Academic Calendar


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3 Final Year Download

Time Table




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